Become your supplier?

With over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing and supplying school uniform, we are proud to offer extremely high quality products at very affordable prices to all our schools and parents.

Service & Support

We manage the journey of choosing a uniform supplier right from the outset through to final delivery. We work with you to create the designs that best encapsulate your school’s values and morals, ensuring that your children take pride in the uniform they wear. We do all of this free of charge – from the consultation, design and sample process.


Our entire business has been designed with parents in mind. Not only are our uniforms often significantly more cost effective than offerings from our competitors, but we ensure that it is as easy as possible for parents to purchase uniform in time for the first day of term.

We do this in a variety of ways – chief among which are our online shop and our two stores in Handsworth and Oldbury in Birmingham. We also take orders via email and over the phone, and we even come to your school during the summer holidays so parents have the chance to see, try on and purchase uniform.

Why should Gogna Schoolwear supply your school?

In-House Ethical
UK Manufacturing

We have a 16,000 sq ft factory in Birmingham and Partners in Leicester which employ local people at a living wage. We do not rely on any third party company to supply our uniform – the majority of our products are made by us at one of our facilities.

& Expertise

We have been manufacturing the highest quality schoolwear for over 40 years. We are experts in production, design and retail and control our own supply chain in all of these areas. We produce pre-production samples on every job.

& Value

We pride ourselves on making school uniform affordable and accessible to parents. This means we are often significantly cheaper than our competitors, without compromising on quality. We recognise that affordability is very important to parents and do what we can to provide a high quality item at a competitive price.

Financial Security

We have been in business for over 40 years, and in these unpredictable times we are strong, safe and are continuing to grow the business year on year. While other businesses were failing in 2020, we were investing in new machinery, new stores and new staff.

Putting parents first

We carry our stock year round – not just in the peak seasons. We ensure that all our stores hold stock of all the schools we supply, and for those who can’t get to our store, we have an online shop where parents can purchase 24/7. We also come to schools in the summer and open pop-up shops where uniform can be tried on and purchased.

Styles of uniform we provide